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All-Tex Construction offers quality work at competitive prices.  Call us today to schedule for an estimate on your next lighting project. If you want to install all new fixtures in your home or even move the location of specific fixtures, we can help!  How about adding some recess lighting to help showcase your living space?  No matter if it's adding ceiling fans, outlets, switches, or any project you have in mind, we can take care of it.

Need and Electrician in a hurry?  We are here for your Emergency Service calls.  Call 254-987-2478. 

Being a first time home owner can become overwhelming when the repairs are out of your skill range. Taking down the drywall was easy but the mess that was hiding behind was too much for me. No other electricians called me back much less, answered their phones. Luckily, All-Tex was available and had great communication so it eliminated my stress. Thanks again for the hard work. I have many projects in mind and will be a returning customer.

Erika Patterson

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Very professional and thorough. He handled all our electrical needs and replaced warm out parts. Prices are fair and he is up front about what needs to be done.

Joshua Barrera

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Supremely knowledgeable, always on time top notch people, professional, prompt always shows, The hardest working people I have met. Truly a Super electrician !!!

Rocky Camp 

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